28 diciembre 2016

Naomi Kawase - Sharasôju (2003)

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En un caluroso día de verano, durante la celebración del festival anual de Jizo, dos hermanos gemelos echan una carrera para llegar a casa. Pero uno de ellos desaparece por el camino, como si se hubiera desvanecido. Nos reencontramos con la familia cinco años después, el hijo ya adolescente, la madre de nuevo embarazada, todos ellos ocultando pesares y sentimientos que no conocen alivio...

 El dolor cala hondo e impregna todas las situaciones, pero esta es una película muy sutil y pudorosa con los personajes, casi no hay escenas emocionantes y cuando las hay la cámara (siempre en mano, nunca fija) elige alejarse.
La mirada inteligente y personal libera los sentimientos y los transmite cabalmente, sólo pidiendo un poco de paciencia al espectador que se ve compensada por las maravillosas escenas, por el contacto físico con la naturaleza y el reflejo del paso del tiempo. (Painé - Ver nota completa en La cinefilia es una perversión)
The Aso, a family of four, live in the old town of Nara. On the day of the Jizo Festival in the dizzying heat of midsummer, Kei, one of the Aso's twin boys suddenly disappears, as if he had been spirited away... For the family left behind, the flow of time stopped on that day. Five years later. Seventeen-year old Shun, the remaining twin, is a high school student, a member of the art club. He is working on a life-sized drawing of his brother, who he has been unable to forget. He and his childhood friend, Yu, share a tentative attraction, but they are awkward around each other. Shun and Yu and their families all carry emotions that have no release. Each of them is searching for a way out. Then, one day, Yu finds out the secret of her birth. Shun learns what became of his brother. With their losses concealed deep in their hearts, Shun and Yu are about to make a move forward with their lives.
 This elliptical tale of loss and rebirth falls into the emerging genre of poetic infanticide movies dotting the art-film landscape (including Lynne Ramsay’s Ratcatcher [2000] and Thomas de Thier’s Feathers in my Head [2003]), but the freshness and exhilaration of her visuals is undeniable. Observing a family’s emotional fallout eight years after the unexplained disappearance of their youngest son, Kawase’s camera bobs, weaves and scurries with more stubborn tenacity than the Dardennes’, converting the rooms, streets and alleys of a small Japanese village into a labyrinth resounding with echoes of the past and promises of the future. Kawase’s delicate artistry explodes in the climactic spectacle of the rain-soaked street festival, the characters bursting out of their guarded and repressed shells and basking in the light of their true, ecstatic selves.
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Naomi Kawase en Arsenevich

Sharasôju (2003)
Koma (2009)

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Otra joya inhallable que llega a casa, Naomi Kawase siempre vale la pena.
Muchas gracias Scalisto

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De nada, omc. Dejá alguna película para los demás! :)