16 julio 2013

Julien Duvivier - Un carnet de bal (1937)

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Carnet de baile
Una joven viuda parte en busca de los enamorados que tuvo en su juventud, con la secreta ilusión de recuperar un pasado que cree más puro. Los encuentros varían en tono pero no en la ratificación de que es malo idealizar demasiado lo que ya se ha vivido... (MALBA)

Una de las películas más conocidas de Julien Duvivier, que recurre a la nostalgia, los recuerdos y la simultaneidad de situaciones y personajes, en lo que sería una de sus señas de identidad en títulos como Seis destinos (1942). El film está marcado por su espectacular reparto masculino: Harry Baur, Pierre Blanchar, Fernandel, Louis Jouvet, Raimu y Pierre Richard-Willm

El argumento de Un carnet de bal sería convenientemente utilizado por el propio Duvivier en su primera experiencia americana, Lydia (1941).

After the death of her husband, Christine realizes she has possibly wasted her life by marrying him instead of the man towards whom, in her youth, she had a stronger inclination. To overcome these dreary thoughts, she decides to find out about him and the other men who danced with her during a ball that was a turning point in her life, many years ago. She pays a visit to those forgotten acquaintances one after the other; Christine is not only surprised to see how they have fared, but also discovers the impact she had, unknowingly, on the feelings and the destiny of these persons.

Un carnet de bal is a good example of French cinema of the late1930s, and one of the earliest successful attempts at the episodic film which became so popular in subsequent decades.

The multi-part structure of the film (effectively a series of loosely connected vignettes) is a little unsatisfying, but the individual stories are themselves almost perfectly formed.  It is worth seeing if only for the remarkable performances of the legendary actors that make up the cast list: Jouvet, Fernandel, Raimu, Baur...

The director, Julien Duvivier, was so pleased with this film that he remade it during his time in Hollywood, in 1941, as Lydia. (Films de France)

English subs by FatPlank (KG)

Film à sketches. A la mort de son mari, une jeune femme, Christine de Guérande, retrouve la liste de ses anciens soupirants sur le carnet de bal de son adolescence et décide de les revoir. Mais la réalité est très loin de ses souvenirs de jeune fille.

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Olde Edo dijo...

One of my favorite movies, since seeing it over 50 years ago
on US TV (much content of old TV was even older movies!).
Thanks so much for this.
I don't have any trouble with the episodic quality of the film.
In fact, the stark contrast between the individual stories and
their characterizations by each of the fantastic actors is the
source of delight in the movie.
All tidied up in a wonderfully sentimental way at the end.
This era was the last bloom of romanticism, squashed by WW II,
and watching such films is a window on sensitivities rare in the
cynical world of today.