19 diciembre 2012

Lisandro Alonso - La Libertad (2001)

Castellano | Subs: English/Portugués
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Misael vive en la inmensidad del monte pampeano trabajando con su hacha. Sobrevive sólo con lo indispensable y casi sin contacto con otras personas. Vemos su vida minuto a minuto intentando descubrir a través de pequeños movimientos o acciones su manera de estar en el mundo. (F.A.)

 Lisandro Alonso's La Libertad is a penetrating peek into the daily life of a woodcutter from Argentina's La Pampa province.
Misael Saavedra's stoic figure marks trees, cuts them down, shaves them, and loads them onto trucks. In between, he finds time to sleep, eat, and defecate. The film brings to mind the humility and minimalism of Iranian cinema, and though Alonso doesn't seem to use the woodcutter as a political pawn, the film's long takes and the cyclical, labored nature of the man's daily grind force the spectator to question the nature of freedom.

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