10 noviembre 2012

Kaneto Shindô - Ningen (1962)

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Japonés/Japanese | Subtitles: Castellano, English, srt
Un capitán de barco y su sobrino, se disponen a zarpar a una isla, para realizar un trabajo con el que ganar algo de dinero para el próximo festival del pueblo. Les acompañarán Hachi, un peón amigo de Sankichi, y Gorosuke, una buceadora que quiere aprovechar el viaje para vender parte de su pesca. Pero antes de llegar a su destino, una tormenta les alcanza...

This is one of the first Japanese films distributed by ATG, preceded only by Teshigahara's Pitfall (おとし穴). Based on Nogami Yaeko's 1922 novel The Neptune (海神丸), which was in turn loosely based on real life events. It is the story of the ship Kaijin Maru, that is left adrift after losing all means of navigation in a storm, and the four people on it, becoming increasingly desperate as food and water run out.

Fantastic! A crew of four on a small fishing vessel get stranded after their ship is destroyed in a storm. They have a small supply of food and water, and soon the tensions are rising. This is just a beautifully shot (in that glorious black and white widescreen that Japan of the 60s excelled at) and directed film. Shindo's use of space is outstanding. Taiji Tonoyama plays the captain, a man who lived through the starvation of the war. Kei Yamamoto plays Tonyama's young nephew. Kei Sato and Nobuko Otowa play the other two crew members, and the ones who decide that they no longer want to follow the captain's orders. This is nearly a masterpiece, but there are a couple of plot developments toward the end that feel a bit too pat. The title translates to A Man, The Man or just Human (which is the translation my subtitles settled on).(IMDB)


Subtítulos en español cortesía de Pazguaton (Allzine):

English subtitles

Kaneto Shindô en Arsenevich

Hadaka no shima (1960)
Ningen (1962)
Yabu no naka no kuroneko (1968)

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