05 octubre 2008

Yasujiro Ozu - Munekata kyoudai / The Munekata Sisters (1950)

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Las hermanas Munakata
Setsuko vive infeliz al lado de Mimura, un ingeniero alcoholizado y sin trabajo. Siempre estuvo enamorada de Hiroshi pero nunca llegaron a prometerse a causa de la marcha de éste a Francia años atrás. Ahora éste ha regresado a Japón y su hermana Mariko intentará reunirlos de nuevo. Sin embargo ella también está secretamente enamorada de él.
The Munekata Sisters
Two of Japan’s greatest actresses and several leading actors were assembled for this stunning “prestige production,” which Ozu was commissioned to direct. The Munekata sisters—Setsuko (played by Mizoguchi veteran Kinuyo Tanaka) and Mariko (Naruse star Hideko Takamine)—reveal the two poles of postwar Japanese society. Feisty and modern Mariko dresses in western attire and represents the liberated woman, while the placid and traditional Setsuko dresses in kimonos. To emphasize the tensions between modernity and tradition, between the old Japan and the new, Ozu employs a series of picturesque settings such as the Moss Temple in Kyoto, a mountain villa in Hakone, and the Yakushiji Temple near Nara. Though more linear and elaborately mounted than any other Ozu film, The Munekata Sisters is typically rigorous and exquisitely composed. In the end Ozu manages to wrest profound emotion from convention. Harvard Film Archive

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Walking Oliver Productions, Ltd dijo...

Many thanks for the Ozu films and so many others! Yours is the very best of the film blogs and I've been introduced to so many films that I ordinarily would not have watched.
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Welcome aboard and thanks for the compliments!

BTW, I have a new good-looking rip of Ozu's "I was born, but..." in the pipeline.


Anónimo dijo...

Uau, that's a really difficult movie to find on the internet... Thank you so much! :)

And congratulations for the great blog.

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Thanks for the praise, lafemmerompue.

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Gracias por la peli. Descubrí a Ozu a través del libro "la elegancia del erizo" que me encantó. Saludos

scalisto dijo...

Munekata kyoudai de Ozu, recuperada por Ana

scalisto dijo...

Nuevo rip de alta calidad y nuevos enlaces.