26 junio 2013

Albert Zugsmith - Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962)

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Fumadores de opio
Se basa en la novela autobiográfica de Thomas de Quincey de 1822. Vincent Price es Gilbert de Quincey, un aventurero del siglo XIX que se involucra en una guerra Tong en San Francisco
chuschao en CiCl dixit:
Extrañísima mezcla de serial de los años 30/40 con el alucinógeno cine lisérgico de los 60, con destellos entre surreales y filosóficos que bebe remotamente en todo un clásico de la contracorriente como Thomas de Quincey, visto por el extraño mundo de un hombre tan culto como trasgresor, capaz de producir obras maestras como Touch of Evil, los más destacados y personales trabajos de Douglas Sirk, o la sexploitation más explícita, como la Fanny Hill de Russ Mayer, que codirigió. Lo que pueda salir de esta amalgama, es algo que solo los degustadores más exquisitos sabrán apreciar. 

Vincent Price faces the death of 1,000 cuts in this delirious pulp adventure directed by Touch of Evil producer Albert Zugsmith. Returning to San Francisco after a long stay in the Orient, two-fisted mercenary Gilbert De Quincey (Price) finds himself caught in the midst of a Tong war. Descending deep below the surface of Chinatown, he plays one side against the other in a daring attempt to break up a human trafficking ring, where slave girls are auctioned for opium. A surreal, rip-roaring yarn packed with evil drug lords, secret passageways, illicit opium dens and more, Confessions of an Opium Eater is a “claustrophobic fever dream … one of the most bizarre, beautiful and poetic Z-films ever made” (Chicago Reader)
Enter a world of hidden rooms, sliding panels, secret passages, narrow sewers and opium dens; a world where, at the Hour of the Rat, pretty Chinese girls are auctioned off to the highest bidder. When Gilbert De Quincey (Vincent Price) arrives in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1902, he is quickly embroiled in a viscous Tong war between two rival factions. The seductive Ruby Low and her followers organize the picture bride auctions on behalf of ancient Ling Tan. The supporters of the Chinese Gazette's murdered editor, George Wah, oppose them. De Quincey bears the moon serpent tattoo, aligning him with Ruby Low, but his actions suggest he may have other motives.

Albert Zugsmith, better known as the producer of Orson Welles' Touch of Evil, produced and directed "Opium Eater", a black and white b-grader hastily dismissed by reviewers. It has genuine merit to those who like offbeat cinema. Although it uses Thomas De Quincey's 1821 book title, (actually called Confessions of an English Opium Eater) it conjures up its own story of deception and murder. Price as Gilbert De Quincey, who also narrates the film, suggests he is an ancestor. "Opium Eater" actually has more in common with the Fu Manchu mysteries or the yellow peril pulps popular in the 1930s. Add to this its fortune cookie dialogue and ramblings about dreams, reality, death and destiny and you have one very strange movie indeed. There is no doubt "Opium Eater" is bizarre, but it is also literate and genuinely mysterious... . (IMDB comment)

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