27 julio 2011

Yasujiro Ozu - Hijosen no onna (1933)

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Localizada en Yokohama, una ciudad que, como la mayoría de las portuarias, es conocida por la notable presencia del crimen y la prostitución en sus calles, la película se centra en la turbulenta relación existente entre un gángster y su novia, Tokiko, que de día trabaja como mecanógrafa en una empresa. Su rival, la típica chica buena, trabaja en una tienda de discos y está preocupada porque su hermano pequeño se desliza hacia el crimen. 

ozu's ultimate triumph of style over substance, a slick gangster/juvenile delinquency picture starring a very young kinuyo tanaka. tanaka's the girl who's an office worker whose boss has a fondness for sexual harassment (in many ways it's a similar role to the one isuzu yamada played in mizoguchi's "osaka story" a couple years later). she meets and falls for a local thug and they turn to petty crime. from what i've read ozu barely remembers this one, one of the many potboilers he churned out in the 20s and 30s, but it still shows he had fun making it. the film may come as a shock to those who are used to the rather static camerawork of ozu's later films - lots of cool dollies, lush photography, great noir-ish lighting, and a meticulous attention to minor detail. ozu's primary influence at this point in his career seems to be joseph von sternberg, there's an extraordinary amount of clutter in almost every frame (look at the later films and you'll see that sternberg's one of the few western influences ozu never quite discarded). still, lots of "pillow shots," direct closeups, along with some low-level shots for those who like to point out that ozu only ever had one camera position. More ifnfo

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Mas Ozu en Arsenevich

Hijosen no onna (1933)

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Ozu siempre es bienvenido. Muchas gracias, ortiga!

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Wonderful film - thank you so much to ortiga70 & cohorts...

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Gracias Ortiga, me la llevo :)

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Hijosen no onna de Ozu recuperada por chicharro