14 mayo 2011

Alexandru Tatos - Secvente (1986)

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COMEDIA/ Un grupo de actores Rumanos recorre la ciudad filmando escenas de una película, todo inicará con un hombre joven buscando alguién con quien pasar la noche buena, luego conocerán a un particular dependiente de un restorán, y finalmente, en la última grabación un par de extras tomarán un inesperado protagonismo...

In this interesting drama, three sequences which could have formed separate stories are linked together, like cars on a train, to give a larger perspective on the nature of reality and film. The three episodes are joined together by one film crew at work on two different jobs. In the beginning, the crew is introduced as they juggle their dual roles as State-supported propagandists who laud their government and society, and as private movie makers working on their own film. Next, they are in a restaurant looking for suitable locations to film when the eatery's owner, through no fault of his own, is induced to wax long and lugubriously on his miserable life. In the last segment, two extras are in the background of a scene, sitting at a table in a restaurant. It slowly becomes apparent to one of them that the man he's sitting with tortured him more than 40 years ago at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

Secvente(Sequences, reffering to film sequences) is Alexandru Tatos' quintessential film and one of the stepping stones of Romanian cinematography. Sadly, although being a critics and directors favorite ever since it's release, Secvente never managed to find a wide audience, mostly due to the limited distribution the film received during it's initial run in the communist years. This huge injustice was disappointingly never corrected and unless word doesn't spread over this uniquely original gem of Romanian Cinema, Secvente will most surely never reach the following it deserves.

Secvente is structured in 3 merely related parts, all concerning sequences of a fictional film that is being shot by Alexandru Tatos, Florin Mihaileanu and the rest of the crew, the film, surprising moments of the crews life both on and off set, in the vein of other fourth wall breaking features of world cinema such as Truffaut's La nuit Americaine and the films of Jørgen Leth. In fact it's impossible to tell whether a fourth wall exists during the entire movie, as the haunting sensation that the characters may jump off and start a fight in your living room dominates the final climactic sequence, a sequence that may well contain the only piece of pure Romanian humor the Cinema was ever able to preserve during those years.

I'm enthusiastically awaiting the DVD release that is rumored to take place this autumn and will gladly upload an upgrade and some subtitles(if anyone is able to make some, i'm willing to bow down and shine their shoes) as soon as their available as this film is not to be missed.

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Muy interesante. Gracias.

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quiero agradecerte por la cantidad y calidad de los films que subis! Gracias

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Un pequeño regalo:Theo Angelopoulos
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y por qué esta película en imdb y filmaffinity en genero, viene definida sólo como drama? cuándo sería más bien un drama/comedia o comedia negra. No creéis?

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es increible, tantas joyas. Muchisimas gracias por todas estas pelis que no se consigue en ningun lugar sino aquí. A esta peli los subtitulos se le han caido, mediafire no funciona, alguien tiene una solución? Tampoco los encuentro en las paginas habituales. Un saludo

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Hombre recién leo esto, mañana los busco y los pongo de nuevo.

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