19 marzo 2011

Michael Cacoyannis - Stella (1955)

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Stella es una hermosa y alegre cantante de clubs nocturnos, quien rechaza uno a uno a sus amantes, hasta que se enamora de un famoso jugador de fútbol (pobre) pero lo deja en el altar, lo que desencadena una violenta tragedia.

The story of a rebellious young Bouzouki performer named Stella (Mercouri) who abhors marriage, defies the rules of conventional morality, and pays for a freedom denied her by the men who love her. She must must choose between two lifestyles when she finds herself hopelessly in love with a young football player who wishes her to settle down and abandon her reckless ways. Writer and director Cacoyannis' (A GIRL IN BLACK, A MATTER OF DIGNITY) second feature won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film in 1956. Based on the play by Iakovos Kabanellis.

It is my opinion that this film is the best film ever created in Greece. This a story of Greek female singer who is full of passion and despises any social or moral "must". She is living her life like nobody else. Until our anti-hero Stella meets her destiny in the face of Miltos, a man who will try anything in order to make her his. Of course, a passion can have only one tragic end. The direction of Michalis Cacoyiannis is superb. The stars Melina Mercouri, Giorgos Fountas and Alekos Alexandrakis are some of the best actors that the Greek cinema and theathre has created. Also the music is made by an Oscar winner composer, named Manos Hadjidakis, and it reflects all the emotions that the actors have. If you can not understand what Mediterranean passion means, see this film, and you will. SUPERB!!! (IMDB)

Subtítulos en castellano, cortesía de Nexeladmon


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