08 agosto 2008

Emmanuel Carrère - La Moustache (2005)

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El bigote
Marc es un arquitecto que vive con Agnes en un lujoso apartamento en París. Antes de visitar a unos amigos para cenar, Marc decide afeitarse con pulcritud el bigote que ha llevado a lo largo de toda su vida adulta, creyendo que su repentino cambio de look causará sensación. Nada más lejos de su intención, nadie parece notar el cambio, nadie comenta nada, ni siquiera su mujer. Todos le dicen que jamás ha llevado bigote, y lo que al principio parece ser una broma conspirativa, acaba convirtiéndose en paranoia.. Una astuta mirada del escritor Emmanuel Carrère acerca del frágil terreno al que denominamos realidad.

Subtítulos en castellano míos

Based on his own 1986 novel of the same name, writer-director Emmanuel Carrère new film ‘La moustache’ (The moustache) is relatively short at 87 minutes, but nevertheless the film’s endless narrative illogicalities might make the film seem long for some, despite two excellent performances from its lead actors and an intriguing premise.

The titular moustache disappears early on in the film, when, on a whim, its owner Marc (Vincent Lindon) decides to shave it off. But when Marc’s wife Agnès (Emmanuelle Devos) cames back from running some errands, she does not seem to notice anything has changed at all. Weirder still, when they go to visit some friends for dinner in the evening, they never mention his new appearance either.

Has Marc gone mad or has the world around him? When Marc confronts Agnès with his questions, she flatly denies he ever had a moustache in the first place. Angry, Marc goes in search of evidence of his former moustache’s existence, a proof that would prove that he has not gone entirely mad. Easier said than done, Marc’s search will take him from his own home to his parents’ house, which he is unable to find, to Hong Kong, where Marc feels most happy on the ferry between the airport and the city; a no man’s land on water.

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Muy interesante, ya me la estoy bajando!

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Repuesta La Moustache de Emmanuel Carrère

Sylvain dijo...

Un caso curioso. La vi varias veces, y estoy completamente incapaz decidir si es una película muy muy buena (realmente muy buena), o muy muy mala (realmente muy mala).
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