30 julio 2008

Alex Cox - Three Businessmen (1998)

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The idea is simple - two businessmen, one American, played by Cox regular Miguel Sandoval ('Get Shorty', 'Blow'), and one Englishman (Cox himself) meet in the deserted dining room of an expensive hotel in Liverpool. They chat while waiting for service, and when it looks like that isn't forthcoming, they go on a quest for food. Finding the kitchen deserted, and likewise the rest of the hotel, they venture outside to look for somewhere to eat. And so their "adventure" begins.
They walk, talk, agree, disagree, irritate and bond with each other while never quite getting the meal they desire. Things never go to plan, they get sidetracked, misled, confused, and go up various dead ends and strange situations. While still thinking they remain in Liverpool they end up traveling around the world. A plot description doesn't do this movie justice, the real story is in the telling.

Alex Cox directed this comedy-fantasy screenplay by Tod Davies in a variety of locations (American Southwest, Hong Kong, Rotterdam). With a plot premise reminiscent of Martin Scorsese's After Hours, American art dealer Bennie (Miguel Sandoval) arrives in Liverpool and gets to his hotel with great difficulty, while British art dealer Frank King (Cox) has no such problem. Abandoned by the waiter in the hotel's restaurant, the two head out into the rainy Liverpool night but find mostly closed restaurants, eventually choosing a Greek restaurant
where Bennie has an anxiety attack. They move on but find no satisfaction at a Chinese restaurant or a Japanese restaurant. Hunger pangs surface as they travel about via subway, bus, ferry and taxi. Eventually, they arrive in the middle of a desert where they meet another lost and hungry businessman, Leroy Jasper (Robert Wisdom).

Three Businessmen script at Exterminating Angels:

English subtitles are my own.

Un estadounidense y un inglés quieren cenar en Liverpool. Se pierden, se alejan, se enojan, se amigan, mientras sin darse cuenta van recorriendo distintas ciudades del mundo. Delirante comedia de Alex Cox.

Subtítulos en castellano de un servidor

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